Our research and reports

Our annual reports offer a deeper insight into our work and impact. Our original research spotlights the realities of our clients and asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in the UK more broadly.

Annual Reports

Research Reports

The SDCAS research team undertakes research into areas such as the issues faced by clients, the knowledge and skills clients bring to the UK and the effectiveness of the work we do with them.

Living through war, persecution, exile and the asylum system gives people an insight and knowledge that cannot be otherwise learned. As a sector and movement, we must recognise the value of this expertise and not view it as secondary. refugeeweek.org.uk

The report describes the findings of research on how the Covid 19 related lockdowns affected the well-being of clients at the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers. A small number of clients were interviewed about the issues they faced during the periods of lockdown. 

This report describes in depth the ways in which the educational provision offered at SDCAS  contributes to the well-being of clients and how this contribution might be enhanced. The report focuses on two areas of education provision; gardening and storytelling.

This report describes the collaboration between researchers and volunteers at SDCAS in researching the experiences and perceptions of clients with respect to how they understood wellbeing, how they assessed their current wellbeing and their evaluation of the role of the centre in promoting wellbeing.

This report describes research into the effectiveness of advice and advocacy services provided by SDCAS. The research was a joint undertaking by academic researchers and a small number of clients who were trained in research methods.