The Garden Project

The SDCAS Tuesday gardening group is a collection of gardeners from The Tuesday Centre tending a plot together at The Lettsom Community allotments in Peckham.

For the Garden Project, we’ve teamed up with Lettsom Gardens allotments, who provide growing space for community organisations. Community activity can provide a safe space to get to know ourselves and others and learn new skills in a supportive environment, while gardening, many studies show, can be great for wellbeing. The project brings both things together in what has proved to be a thoroughly healthy and happy combination.

Each week when we arrive at the allotment, we have a tea, a coffee or a juice and talk about what jobs need tackling that day. There is always plenty to do, from planting and growing to watering and harvesting, depending on the time of the year.

We also love to sing, tell stories, laugh and learn.

Our aim is to build a sense of friendship and community, and to learn a bit about gardening along the way.

Someone from the gardening team visits the lunch tables at our centre each Tuesday at around 1pm and then we leave together from the centre at around 1:30pm. All are very welcome to join.

This centre is the best for me. I feel I am relaxed here.