Bookstall Fundraiser

Our February bookstall raised an impressive £625 for the Day Centre – thank you to our volunteers and regular attendees for making this a success! The next bookstall will take place on Saturday 13th April, and the one after that on Saturday 8th June.

Our bookstall is more than just a literary exchange; it’s a monthly gathering at the Copleston Centre, where coffee and homemade cakes are served. Bookstall has been running at the Copleston cafe for eight years and thanks to the generosity of the whole team of volunteers and supporters thousands of pounds has been raised for SDCAS. 

We are always very glad to welcome new visitors so please join us if you can. We offer a selection of secondhand books (all less that £3.50), delicious homemade cakes, coffee and the opportunity to help SDCAS.

Please note, we appreciate all donated books but have very limited storage space so ask for only three donations at a time.

With best wishes for 2024 from the Bookstall team.