Meet our Volunteers – Judith

We’re pleased to introduce you to one of our longstanding volunteers Judith who has been working with us since 2014!

I’ve been a volunteer with SDCAS since around 2014/2015. My role primarily involves offering advice on critical issues like housing, benefits, certain immigration matters, and addressing homelessness, which is our biggest issue at the moment.

SDCAS came into my life through a close connection: my friend Jane Kelly, who I’m proud to say is a founder member. I joined when Theresa May first introduced the Hostile Environment policy and when the camps first started in Calais after the closure of Sangatte. Directly witnessing the appalling circumstances in Calais, I decided that when I retired I had to take action. 

My favourite aspect of volunteering is the camaraderie and shared sense of purpose. I’ve cherished the opportunity to get to know our clients and witness their progress.

For anyone considering volunteering, I would say, SDCAS is a growing organisation and now holds a real standing in the community. You will never meet such wonderful people as our clients. 

There are so many different roles you could play. Being a volunteer can provide you with real job experience. But the key thing is, whether you are looking for a way into the job market or have retired like me, your skills will be used and expanded and developed – which is different from other types of volunteering.

In my previous career, I was an educator, and I’ve extended my guidance to our clients in their studies over the years, helping them pursue careers as nurses, teacher assistants, caregivers, and more.