Meet our Volunteers – Kathryn

Say hello to Kathryn, one of our newest volunteers who plays a crucial role in the day-to-day life of our centres. Read about Kathryn’s inspiration for joining SDCAS and the invaluable impact she’s making.

Hey there, I’m Kathryn and I’ve been volunteering with SDCAS for around a month now, so I’m still fairly new here! I wanted to share a glimpse of my experience with you all.

I work in the kitchen within one of our centres weekly on a Wednesday. My role involves preparing and serving meals, as well as cleaning up afterward.

Getting involved

I have been volunteering at the Refugee Council in Croydon, where I teach English to adolescents. Wanting to broaden my volunteering efforts, I began looking for opportunities that serve immigrants in Southwark, my hometown. I came across the website for SDCAS and noticed that the organisation does a lot of important work in the borough and there seemed to be lots of opportunities to get involved.

The best part of volunteering with SDCAS? 

That’s an easy one. It’s all about the people. The volunteer staff work hard to provide wholesome meals to our clients every week and I really like meeting many of the friendly staff and volunteers at the centre. There’s something special about being surrounded by folks who share a common goal of making a positive impact.

Considering volunteering?

To anyone considering volunteering, I’d say, give it a try! Approach it with an open mind and a willingness to embrace whatever the experience brings. It’s a chance to connect with your community in ways you might not expect.

I’m lucky to have the opportunity to practise my Spanish with others who work in the kitchen. I’m humbled by the number of languages other people speak and I see the effort it takes for people to learn English. The people who offer our translation services to those who need a voice are so valuable.

So there you go, a glimpse into my journey with SDCAS so far. I’m looking forward to what the coming months bring.

Pictured: Kathryn and her (very adorable) dog Zoey